Château Haut-Brion Rouge

Elegant and complex, Château Haut-Brion red presents mineral aromas and a unique complexity. Its strength lays in the finish, which is surprisingly long. This aromatic persistence is due to its very noble origins.

Tasting notes

Beautiful color, very deep with a mixing of the Haut-Brion ruby and its purple-violet shade of youth.
Swishing the wine around in the glass gives a notion of its density.
This complexity is followed up in the aromas that suddenly burst forth all at once:
a woody hint of fine polished oak, mulberry jam, cherry pits,
a touch of blackcurrant, and the bittersweet of mango.
One discovers this complexness again with even more violence in the mouth.
The specific notes of this vintage: the finesse of mocha, the toasted trace of praline all join
with the above, melding together with tannins of great complexity and softness.
The finish is never ending… Exceptional bottle. To be drunk today,
tomorrow and surely even 100 years from now.

The weather

A mild start to the year, a very wet, hot spring, followed by a dry, scorching summer: such were the weather features of this year, which has become legendary both through its date and the quality of wine produced. Temperature records were broken: 1.5°C above average over the twelve months – a massive difference. September, hot and dry, followed suit, allowing harvesting to take place in the best possible conditions.

A few figures

  • Harvest dates

    From September 13th to 29th

  • Blend

    Merlot: 51%
    Cabernet Sauvignon: 43%
    Cabernet Franc: 6 %

  • New barrels


  • Alcohol

    13.5 %

  • Bottling date

    From June 19th to 27th 2002