Château Haut-Brion Blanc

When we talk about the white wine of Château Haut-Brion, the first words that come to mind are uniqueness, excellence and richness. Château Haut-Brion white is an icon in the world of exceptional white wines. Bordeaux, too, can produce great white wines!

Tasting notes

There is quite a contrast here between the bouquet and the palate.
The bouquet is very fresh with overwhelming citrus (pink grapefruit)
aromas leading one to expect a very crisp wine.
However, it starts out quite rich on the palate, with a great deal of power.
The vivaciousness that seemed at first to be only on the nose returns on the aftertaste,
accounting for a wonderful long finish.
A great vintage for Château Haut-Brion blanc.

The weather

The 2012 vintage was uneven from bud break, which was disturbed by a cool, wet month of April, to véraison (color change), which took place over a long period. Fortunately, the months of July and August 2012 were ideal: warm and dry.  This fine summer weather enabled us to do everything possible in the vineyard in order to make up for the poor spring weather. For two months, our team worked meticulously to make ripening as homogeneous as possible, and removed any green grapes at véraison.The harvest for both red and white wines began under sunny skies.2012 is a truly fine vintage for early-ripening terroirs such as ours. 

A few figures

  • Harvest dates

    From September 5th to 14th 

  • Blend

    Semillon: 45%
    Sauvignon: 55%

  • New barrels

    55 %

  • Alcohol

    14 % 

  • Bottling date

    On June 17th 2013