Le Clarence de Haut-Brion

Similar in style and elegance to its elder, the Château Haut-Brion red, this second wine brings together all the unique attributes of a fine wine, while reaching maturity more quickly. This wine has carried the name Château Bahans Haut-Brion since the first years of the twentieth century and was renamed Le Clarence de Haut-Brion beginning with the 2007 vintage, as a tribute to Clarence Dillon, who acquired the property in 1935.

Tasting notes

A very beautiful bright, deep red colour, with purple glints. Rather unobtrusive on the first nose and then it begins to reveal notes of ripe fruit: fleshy, sun-drenched blackberry! Tight, powerful and dynamic on the first taste. The wine develops with a creamy sensation on a taste of blackberry jelly. The finish is tannic, but full of flavour. Maturation will make this wine irresistible !

The weather

Winter was rainy and relatively cold.  As soon as budbreak occurred in mid-March, the vine’s growth was extremely vigorous, encouraged by regular rainfall and warm days.  This rapid growth required the teams to swing into action in the vineyard, where watchfulness of the vine’s health needed to be faultless.  Commitment from all the winegrowers, as well as the vineyard’s very privileged position, where leaves retain moisture for a short time thanks to good circulation of air here, made it possible to avoid a marked spread of mildew during the growing season, despite the pressure it represented. 


Flowering came about in excellent conditions and gave the sign of an abundant harvest.  This year called for a return to more green work: substantial green harvests were done, as well as leaf-thinning on the sunrise side of the row, in half of the vineyard.  On the other hand, trimming was restricted to maintain coolness in the soils and to protect the grapes thanks to the shade provided. Harvests of white grapes began on 21st August in scorching sunshine.  The grapes were healthy and working times were adjusted in order to pick the fruit only during the coolest hours of the day.  Refrigerated vehicles were used to transport the crop and the pace of the harvests remained steady so as to protect the aromatic qualities of the white grapes. 


These were particularly good, with acidity preserved and a satisfactory alcohol content, predicting pure, delicate wines, full of freshness.  For the red grapes, harvests started on 6th September, with the weather still very hot.  Ripeness was very good for all the varieties and the grapes showed superb concentration, rich in sugar and in phenolic compounds.  The berries were fresh and ripe, packed with taste.  The crop was abundant and this considerably prolonged the harvests, which continued right up until October, with the weather still very summery.  Days of heatwave did not take away the fruity, fresh character of this vintage. 

A few figures

  • Harvest dates

    Reds from 6th September to 4th October

  • Blend

    55.5% Merlot

    40.9% Cabernet Sauvignon

    3.6% Cabernet Franc

  • Alcohol

    14.2° (provisional)

  • New barrels