La Clarence de Haut-Brion

Similar in style and elegance to its elder, the Château Haut-Brion red, this second wine brings together all the unique attributes of a fine wine, while reaching maturity more quickly. This wine has carried the name Château Bahans Haut-Brion since the first years of the twentieth century and was renamed Le Clarence de Haut-Brion beginning with the 2007 vintage, as a tribute to Clarence Dillon, who acquired the property in 1935.

Tasting notes

Vivacious, deep, garnet-red colour. Ripe, fresh bouquet with a beautiful sensation of just-picked fruit.
Starts out smooth, broad-based, and juicy on the palate.
Goes on to show a texture that is both tight-knit and rich.
The wine is very tannic, but this tannin is extremely classy and knows
how to play second fiddle to the impression of sweetness.
Le Clarence lacks only a little body and perhaps
a longer aftertaste to reach the level of the
grand vin

The weather

Despite a winter and a spring marked by complicated climatic conditions – abundant rain and temperatures below seasonal averages – flowering took place with an almost miraculous homogeneity.The great drought of the summer ended with a rainy season in mid-September that was very beneficial for the end of the maturity cycle.  In October, no rain came to disrupt our harvest. The freshness of the nights, combined with the warm days, allowed to develop wines rich in color but also fresh and fruity.Paradox or miracle of nature? We would rather think it is the combination of human effort and, in particular, once again, the exceptional terroir.

A few figures

  • Harvest dates

    From the 19th of September to the 13th of October

  • Blend

    Merlot: 51.3%
    Cabernet Franc: 13.1%
    Cabernet Sauvignon: 33%
    Petit Verdot: 2.6%

  • New barrels


  • Alcohol


  • Bottling date

    From June 18th to 20th 2018