Château Haut-Brion Blanc

When we talk about the white wine of Château Haut-Brion, the first words that come to mind are uniqueness, excellence and richness. Château Haut-Brion white is an icon in the world of exceptional white wines. Bordeaux, too, can produce great white wines!

Tasting notes

A lovely pale yellow colour, with green glints.
The nose is concentrated with fruity scents of citrus, mango and pineapple.
Swirling reveals concentration and depth of aromas.
On the first taste, the wine is rich, fresh, wide and taut all at once.
It develops and is full, with lots of flavour and no heaviness.
At times Sauvignon in exuberance, sometimes Sémillon in fleshiness and careful structure.
This Haut-Brion is ultimately a superb harmony of aromas and taste,
between Sauvignon and Sémillon, which have given us their very best thanks to the conditions of this vintage.

The weather

The mildness of winter 2021 causes budburst to start early on 1st March. In spring, the month of April is marked by a severe incidence of frost in the Bordeaux region. The position of Haut-Brion’s vineyard once again shows its inestimable value, as the frost spared the large majority of the plots. Heavy rain during the months of May and June has little impact on the vines. In keeping with spring, the beginning of summer is wet and quite cool, so the vine develops slowly. 2021 is a winegrower’s vintage, one in which the vineyard requires a lot of attention. In early August, meteorological instability makes way for hot, dry weather, with cool nights that are propitious for the grapes’ development, in terms of their technological ripeness, as well as their aromatic characteristics. A month of fine weather enables us to reach harvesting time serenely, with grapes of superb quality. In the end, ripeness is attained, with tremendous freshness in the grapes and lower degrees of alcohol than in past years, reminding us of classic Bordeaux vintages of the 1990s.


A few figures

  • Harvest dates

    From 3rd to 13th September

  • Blend

    Sémillon : 57%
    Sauvignon : 43%

  • New barrels


  • Alcohol